Problems with Tradition Gaming

In the video game industry in general there a slew of common problems ranging from catastrophic, to menial. When encountered however, any problem results in frustration. KOMET KORE has planned to fix various problems and the beauty of being having the community at the core is problems that are noticed can be brought up and fixed seamlessly. a few known problems are:

  • Server downtime due to scheduled maintenance

  • Unwanted or unfinished updates

  • Server congestion

  • Slow development of new features

  • New features being unwanted or restricting

  • avalanche of microtransactions that choke active playerbase and become pay to win scenarios

KOMET KORE is remedy to all these issues for both the player AND the developer. Each side is a critical role in the industry but often times kept separate. KOMET KORE innovates by bringing both parties to the forefront and allows new idea input from everyone ranging from simple sketches to portions of code or even 3D models. All ideas can be given feedback and fine tuned by both the community and the studios themselves.

Ideas that receive enough thumbs up can be chosen by moderators who are elected by the community twice annually. Once chosen, moderators schedule a video call that allows idea creators and the developers to finalize details to implement the idea into the current game in development. Using KOMET KORE as a constant feedback framework it allows developers to get new ideas and new ways to innovate by means of the community. In turn users will get games that they have a stake in and will actually want to play and share with those around them. The possibilities of KOMET KORE are endless. K.I.W already has plans to expand KOMET KORE to reduce latency in video delivery and streaming from a distance. The possibilities of KOMET KORE go as far as the community can take it! Check out the whitepaper to learn more!