Servers will be conducted in a hybrid fashion. All Games will uploaded via KOMET KORE will live on the blockchain. Users will be able to purchase and download games freely with no restrictions. Online games will be played via local servers run by the community. These server nodes will be designed to coexist within KOMET KORE. Local servers will allow for a low latency for all players no matter the type or scale of the game being played, and upon death, end of a round, or end of a level( or another method as designed and implemented by developer) all transactions conducted (movements made by characters, levels gained, high scores reached, etc.) will be uploaded, checked, and verified against the blockchains game files.


Users who want to host server nodes will have the opportunity to earn KOMET KOIN. Users can apply to become a server node and add their own server to the KOMET KORE network. The actual monetization value will depend on a various factors:

  • Server size/Capacity

  • Server traffic

    • amount of concurrent users on the server + total user time spent on servers

  • continous server side improvements & optimization

    • low latency of users(based on an average regional connection of users)

      • omits outliers

Applying for a server node will have to meet a minimum system requirement to ensure:

  • Stability

  • Functionality

  • Quality of gameplay for users(Smoothness, low latency, etc.)

  • An overall ease of use for users connected to the server