KOMET KORE Functionality

KOMET KORE's revolutionary software plans to be an all in one solution to fix many issues that plague traditional game development. In development and delivery there are caveats that damage the industry as a whole. A solid community/developer relationship is key for the next generation. By applying KOMET KORE in development, KOMET KORE creates that necessary link. Expanding on that principle by incentivizing the creation of ideas along with the moderators elected ensures a ever expanding community that keeps fresh ideas running through, helps eliminate waste via constant feedback, and helps push developers and their communities to achieve the impossible and create the extraordinary.



Studio Made Concept

Studio submits idea for community review.


User Idea

User submits a sketch of a similar character.


User Idea After Further Feedback

Upon feedback and popularity user colors and completes sketch to provide a full concept in preparation for 3D modeling.


Once an idea is submitted it is secured and dated on the blockchain network and any and all users within KOMET KORE can provide feedback and build upon the original idea. Multiple users can collaborate on a single idea but all ideas can be traced back to the original source to give credit to the creator.


Upon release of the game all ideas that were implemented into the game will receive a kickback on each sale of the game. The payout will depend on the tier of the idea and how much work went into the idea. The game studio using KOMET KORE will not have to pay the idea creators. KOMET KORE's algorithm sets aside a percentage of KOMET KOIN (KOMET KORE's token) for kickbacks. Each idea will receive  a portion of KOMET KOIN for a certain number of game sales depending on various factors:

  • The scope of the game

  • The tier of the idea

  • Amount contributed in the idea(multiple contributors)

  • Size of the community group for that particular studio

KOMET KORE will also allow integration of KOMET KOIN into individual games. This model will allow users to earn KOMET KOIN by playing games released in this manner. For further details read the technical whitepaper or contact K.I.W on Telegram.