The use of a token or coin in a blockchain goes as far as their utility does. KOMET KORE aims to bring high utility to KOMET KOIN to provide users a day to day use for KOMET KOIN aside from trading on exchanges. KOMET KOIN utility begins in various layers. The top level, main level, and the KORE level. Each segment will be integrated top to bottom within KOMET KORE for seamless interaction, deposits, and withdrawals. The reason for explaining in layers is for the purpose of integration not only via the EVO blockchain and KOMET KORE but also KOMET KORE and the games inside KOMET KORE. The top level of utility of KOMET KOIN is through the exchanges & wallets. When KOMET KORE launches, it will come with an integrated wallet with external wallet support coming down the road. When KOMET KOIN is purchased and deposited into the integrated wallet, the second layer begins its function.


The second layer, the wallet is used to purchase both the games themselves and in-game purchases (as dictated by developers and studios behind the games). KOMET KORE plans to allow purchases of games with fiat currency as well as KOMET KOIN. Users who purchase games with KOMET KOIN will receive a variety of benefits including, discounts, in-game equipment, etc. K.I.W can only dictate external game prices and any further benefits aside from a inherit discount for KOMET KOIN purchases will be implemented and controlled by the individual studios.


The third layer, the KORE layer, is what brings it all together. KOMET KORE will allow studios to integrate KOMET KOIN into their games as an in-game currency. Studios will be responsible for submitting proposals on how to use KOMET KOIN within their game and will be reviewed for legitimacy by K.I.W. This level of integration allows both developers and users to benefit. Depending on the developers and how integrated KOMET KOIN is in each game, KOMET KORE will enable the withdrawal of KOMET KOIN from within games which in turn lets users make money from just playing the game.


In an example scenario, a user makes 10,000 gold in an RPG which the user then converts to 10 KOMET KOIN in the game and wants to withdrawal it to the integrated wallet. Upon withdrawal to the integrated wallet a small fee is taken out. This fee is divided between three parties. The server node hoster where the player is playing, the developers who made the game and to KOMET KORE to support future developments and innovations on the platform. Adding this integration to games incentivizes developers and users alike. All transactions in KOMET KOIN within the games will also include this fee. The fee will be 5% and will be divided into 2% for the developers, 2% for KOMET KORE and 1% for the server node hosters. Server node hosters will also receive additional compensation as previously outlined. Once withdrawn to the integrated wallet the user is then able to send and trade KOMET KOIN on any exchange where it is supported, use it within KOMET KORE, or store it securely. The three layers of KOMET KOIN integration allow for vertical scaling and seamless interaction for users without having to deal with separate infrastructures.


Games uploaded will need an allocated amount of EOS/EVO and or RAM for the users to access the game files for transaction uploads/downloads. KOMET KORE has come up with a purchase model to benefit and help users play without any added or extra costs. When Purchasing a game that costs $40, developers as an incentive to develop for the KOMET KORE platform will get 80% back or $32 of the purchase. 5% will go to KOMET KORE, and the other 15% will go into a user pool to offset costs of EOS/EVO for the users. This model enables KOMET KORE to offer games at the same price or better pricing(depending on the current size of user pool and required EOS/EVO for the game in question) than traditional platforms. As an added benefit, games purchased with KOMET KOIN will receive a 10% discount across the board for all games on the KOMET KORE platform. The 10% discount will be applicable with any other discounts offered by the platform.


The utility and possibilities for KOMET KOIN are only limited to the minds of the community and developers. KOMET KORE is an open-ended platform, and each game is controlled by the community that plays it rather than a corporation. KOMET KORE enables both the developers and the users to receive massive benefits and incentives for using KOMET KOIN and integrating it into games created. The use and integration of KOMET KOIN will be verified by K.I.W to ensure profitability and longevity for KOMET KORE, the users, and the developers of the game before finalization and release.