KOMET KORE is a Revolutionary Software to Develop Video Games Powered by Blockchain Technology

An evolution is coming

The audience in the gaming industry has continuously grown since its inception. It is a billion dollar industry controlled for the most part by large corporations. In traditional game development companies make the game they think the community will enjoy. Perhaps they get a little bit of feedback, but for the most part, it goes the direction they choose. In recent years “early access” games have bent this model allowing large amounts of feedback on an unfinished game in its final stages. What if you could turn that cycle on its head? What if the players were brought into the forefront and became an active part of how a game grows?


KOMET KORE does just that. A blockchain based platform powered by EvolutionOS allows both the users and developers of any studio to post ideas, get feedback, securely test game builds, and deploy games into the “KOMET KLOUD.” Joint posting of ideas and feedback allows the vision of each project to expand and let users contribute as their ideas are implemented. Using blockchain technology early game builds can be sent out to users to securely test recently designed features which in turn will streamline development and eliminate waste as features not wanted can get repurposed or cut early on. KOMET KORE will implement a hybrid server system that allows any user to open up a server node for any game upon meeting minimum system requirements to ensure server quality. Dubbed the KOMET KLOUD these server nodes will communicate with the blockchain to verify game files, to upload scores, levels, skills, etc.

KOMET KORE will launch a curated marketplace where all games uploaded will be available to purchase via an intuitive and seamless user interface. K.I.W has come up with various methods of uploading to KOMET KORE as to reduce transaction costs for studios and making ease of access for independent studios on a tight budget.

All games will be stored within the blockchain itself but run on these local nodes. In doing so, latency is curtailed, even on a congested network. KOMET KORE’s functionality allows all games to be played indefinitely. Gone will be the times of game servers shutting down. Users who wish to play an older game that has been uploaded to KOMET KORE stake the appropriate amount of EVO which allows them enough bandwidth for the server nodes to update their game data to check and verify game files for the duration of their play.


KOMET KORE circumvents traditional servers by using the KOMET KLOUD. Users who use server nodes will be compensated in KOMET KOIN, the official token of KOMET KORE. KOMET KOIN will be used to reward server nodes, users’ ideas, and can be implemented into games developed for KOMET KORE as an in-game currency, a supplemental currency, or as a conversion currency!


KOMET INNOVATIVE WORKS (K.I.W) the company behind KOMET KORE is bringing about the next generation of game development. Learn more about KOMET KORE by clicking the button below  and join the official KOMET KORE telegram at the top!

Find out more about K.I.W the company behind KOMET KORE and the overall objective of what were trying to achieve.

Find out more about K.I.W the company behind KOMET KORE and the overall objective of what were trying to achieve.